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Monday, July 9, 2012

Reasons Men Love Sex in the morning

Reasons Men Love Sex in the morningMorning reveals the reason for Men Like SexWritten by Hery KosalovichMANY men woke up and found his penis in a state hard on. Not surprising because he liked the idea of ​​sex in the morning. Unfortunately, most women do not share the same enthusiasm. She feels the best action of the bed at night.Sexual expression of men and women for centuries been the subject of debate. So, is there a special reason men like sex in the morning?
Dr Kamal Khurana, marriage relationship expert based in New Delhi said, Sex is a biological need, and you tend to most enjoy at leisure. A man feels most expressive when I wake up. Men love to fantasize and see their partner lying next to trigger the urge to have sex.
Dr Khurana believes that the place and prepare for an excuse to act early (morning sex) in men. "But in the case of women, she first needs to be emotionally driven," he added.
Then why women do not feel they have the emotional attachment to sex the morning?
"In India, such trends have been identified only in the last decade. In today's scenario the couple went to work and back end of the day spent. The stress level is very high in the evening, and to get into the mood-for-sex sessions may not come naturally, explains Dr. Bhavna Barmi, senior clinical psychologist Escorts Heart Institute.
"First, he wants to rejuvenate and then start the day with the stress of making love. But in fact, working women do more multitasking jobs, ranging from the bath, breakfast, and prepare lunch for the children. In the meantime, the responsibility of a man just maintaining personal hygiene and planning for the future. And sex can be a mechanical man when both partners are not on the same emotional level, he added.
Dr Rajendra Barve, a psychiatrist at the hospital IIT, Mumbai felt that morning sex requires physical intimacy can lead to serious tensions in the relationship.
"There's more in the morning freshness, growth hormone pumping, and power is restored the body of a good night's sleep. But when a woman wakes up, he fulfilled the duties of the day. Maybe women are not directly activated by the idea of ​​(morning sex), said Dr Barve.
Maybe, the way women view sex very differently than men. Dr Barve revealed a variety of reasons.
"A woman feels the urge to have sex when emotionally aroused. While male sex drive is set by the authority and inclination to overcome the situation. At that hour, if the spouse does not have a high emotional and physical at the same time, it can be very difficult for them in touch. And love will gradually turn into a common action between them, he concluded. (tty)
Sources: www.okezone.com

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