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Monday, July 9, 2012

Reasons Women Lazy sex

Reasons Women Lazy sexLazy sex Reveals Reason WomenWritten by Hery KosalovichUnacknowledged feelings and silence, as revealed both the expert makes her lazy fuck. But the funny thing is, feeling too happy to also make women unwilling to have sex.
BY men, guessing her heart's content easy bother. Guess the desire for sex is not easy. Understanding emotions in advance allows you to bring it to the top of pleasure.
It's important to realize that sex starts from the mind, before it is ready physically. Before making love in a physical sense, you actually get a physical and mental satisfaction only with the mind and emotional health.
Like what is believed to Dr Kamal Khurana, marriage and relationship counselor. Women have sex to get love. So, they want more security and the fabric of friendship with a male partner. They have sex, but sex is more directed at the emotional warmth, a tangible expression of love and sex, he explained to the Times of India.
He added that when women receive more emotional support in dealing with her mood changes, they will feel happier and consequently looks at performance in the bed.
One's emotional connection with his sex life as revealed relationship counselor Gitanjali Sharma, emotional intelligence is the ability to fundamentally understand the emotions of self and those around him. If you are emotionally satisfied, then you have a happier mood that affect the affairs of the bed.
Unacknowledged feelings and silence, as revealed both the expert makes her lazy fuck. But the funny thing is, feeling too happy to also make women unwilling to have sex. For your male partner, understand how to treat his emotions to get the pleasure of making love again.
Too excited
When a woman experiences these emotions, he would want you to listen to expressions of joy. Sometimes, he was able to show maximum performance in bed, but his mind will not focus on you.
Gitanjali states, For men, it is important to listen to expressions of joy and then became part of the fun. Because he was in seventh heaven, is not quite right if you expect it too be on top sex.
According to Gitanjali, you should be patient until the situation returns to normal and running as usual. Plus, laughing hard with whatever he says. And when his sexual passion back, you can carry on intimate session.
These feelings can bring a dramatic impact on a woman's sex life. Because the feelings are not recognized environment, he could suffer from depression and low confidence levels. With unacknowledged feelings, he did not even want to deal with siapun, including sex.
In some cases, men should talk with a female partner to help her regain her emotional intelligence. Show your body language that implies that you love will make it close to you. Once you have given him the recognition and made him feel mean, sex is also going back to normal, Gitanjali.
There must be reasons why women choose silence for a period of time. When a woman can not publicly disclose the contents of his mind, or she is experiencing emotional pain, low self-esteem would be low. When you ask her to have sex in a mood like that, he will act as if sex is like the pressure imposed on him.
Possible invitation to make love she agreed it be great if he found a way to communicate. Therefore, for he spoke openly and bluntly about what he has in mind,
Dr Khurana suggests, how can the casual conversation accompanied by a cup of hot coffee.
After submitting your thoughts in a proper way, he will be looking forward to making love. Very easy to do, said Dr. Khurana. (FTR)
Sources: OkeZone.Com

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