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Monday, July 9, 2012

Reasons Women Should Masturbation

Reasons Women Should MasturbationThis Reasons Women Should MasturbationWritten by Hery KosalovichSOME women can only orgasm when their legs open, while others are closed. Most of the women also said that the more intense orgasm when masturbating than they experienced while making love.
Sexual problems are well-known researchers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, found that when a woman masturbating and having orgasm, orgasm produces a higher heart rate than those produced by other types of orgasm. Both men and women.
Even so, most women also stated that to achieve orgasm from intercourse even greater impact on the body, and makes them prefer this type of orgasm than masturbation results.
Why these differences come about?
"There are several underlying reasons. First, during the process of masturbation, the body's biological response occurs that leads you to act with high accuracy to achieve maximum satisfaction. Your partner may not feel the biological response, thus not able to act with the same accuracy (although the communication who can help), "explained Paul Jenner through his book" Great Sex: Secrets of Sex terdahsyat. "
"Secondly, the resistance you feel when you masturbate less than when you have sex with a partner. Third, the uterus may play a role in this regard. Fourth, during intercourse, vaginal conditions constrained by the presence of Mr. P," added Paul.
In his book, Paul also reveals the reasons why women should masturbate.
A. Masturbation teaches you to have an orgasm.2. Masturbation stretch tension.3. Masturbation helps you develop your sexual responsiveness.4. Masturbation teaches you about your own body.5. Masturbation helps you learn the techniques in person before trying to mate.6. Masturbation helps you understand your partner's body.7. Masturbation can be a sexual activity that are vital to your mental and physical health when there is no spouse.8. Masturbation makes you happy.9. Masturbation can do yourself.10. Masturbation is free.11. Masturbation is safe. (NSA)
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