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Monday, July 9, 2012

Rena Hayooooo longer open for anything

Rena Hayooooo longer open for anythingIntroduce my name Roy until now I still continue studying at a university in Manila. I'm still 20 years old. This story started when me and my friend Ronald, Jeffery and Rudi who likes to play games online or just surf the net, opening a game center and cafe located in the North Magelang. Basically we are opening a business that does cuman fad wrote. Well not any of the work or even spend money to play the game or play internet in other places, better yet make your own can add money to buy snacks and cigarettes.
Not long ago we opened the business, we were like half surprised and pleased. How we are not happy, most of our users are high school girls with body posture is very enchanting, even the apple fruit can be likened to that prepared in the quotation. And also there are many young girls who play to our place. With the hospitality of friends are always polite and romantic arrives in serving the customer is, well we are professional enough. Even our posture and our face is also pretty good maybe it's also one factor that makes them attracted to always come to visit.Among the girls who are still fresh there is one very special in my eyes and my friends. His name is Rena she was pretty enough, not only beautiful, extraordinary and special course possible. Sometimes he comes with Karina, Monica and Cindy Rena friends are also no less beautiful, but it's more Rena special course and finally a chance, he came alone to our place. When he had sat down I greet,
"Loh apartment where Ren", he simply replied,"Dah on the back, he decided to pursue the".
Then I turned to my desk and tried to steal just to see her body from behind my computer monitor.
15 minutes had me look at it, eh he returned my gaze, I was surprised lest he upset, uh he just smiled. Because he was curious what I'm trying to do anything to the remote computer, well we usually call it in words SPY, so deh jock language. I'm surprised that he opened after tau sites that are related to sex and pornography. My face was flushed, either love it or hate it, but it was definitely shocked. In desperation I tried to close his computer, and then I asked him,
"Rena Hayooooo longer open for anything",Because without the preparation he went floundering like a chicken loses its mother and he quickly closed the columns of these sites. But I quickly replied,"I ama Ngga papa was present, wrote relax again."Instantly, she flushed face, either ashamed or afraid. Then he replied,"Just what is clay Rena Roy was again open what?", He said."Liatlah, guns need to be tough here too Roy of Roy's computer", I replied with a wink, and then he chuckled and smiled sweetly as she is still innocent.Then quickly I did not waste this opportunity I immediately said,"Going in guns temenin Ren let Roy cariin sites more qualified".He paused and then replied,"Fine Roy sat next to Rena wrote", he said softly meaningful.
Wow I thought ya going to be fun, fortunately, my friend wrote to another friend to play basketball nearby, so everything runs smoothly without a hitch. We sempet chat for a moment, and from there I knew that he was a child in this town officials, in my mind I said wah neh officials were children.Then he began kucarikan porn sites that he had never seen, I saw his expression change stew hands can not keep quiet, I see he was very aroused by the pictures and video that I swatch via the Internet. Well honey cepet he thought, and not let him just look at it, then I whisper,
"Ren from the clay, mine idle neh, is not dear if the diemin", he was shocked I thought he was mad.Eh he turns directly instead of holding a gun which had been on when I sat next to cash, I was surprised and pleased. Then I quickly stimulate her by holding a very beautiful breasts from behind.Fortunately quiet cafe again I thought to myself, oddly enough was not a single customer who comes, well maybe in because rain is quite heavy. I saw he was not happy holding the gun when blocked by my shorts, then he tried to stem groin stripped pants can be in good position for the hand shake by the soft. And he said,
"Roy had a big ye also yes",I was silent. Without realizing it I enjoyed it very much, that I almost cried
"Aah ... ahhh ... uchhhh continue Ren" and Rena quickly covered my mouth with his lips a gentle kiss and it's very sensual.Well fortunately quiet a lot of people try klo was here I told myself going nuisance. After he was satisfied he kissed my lips, he went on kissing her groin, was incredible girl child is still innocent officials are doing things in a very mengairahkan sex.I was made very happy by it even made me helpless, 10 minutes later I lifted her head and I whisper in her ear affectionately, Ren turns cooking a muasin you keep me satisfied you do belom, he smiles a sign yes. Immediately, I satisfy him among the barriers that a barrier between the computers in this cafe. I saw he was enjoying my game, I tried to remove her shirt slightly open Bhnya.
Because we do it in public I try to restrain myself not to try to strip, so I stayed behind stimulate her breasts in her school uniform, without being able to see her breast size is 34 b. He heard a soft sigh and very sexy,"Aah ah ah ... u .. hhhhhh ... ahhhhh "came from his mouth.
Many times he puttingnya kupilin mengelinjang great, and raved like mad."Aah uh. Roy continues to sayanggggg ... Royyy ... ahhhhhh ".After stimulating her breasts I immediately tried to stroke her pussy with my finger, because he was wearing a skirt high school so it is not difficult to do so. I felt her vagina was very wet in because rangsanganku at her breasts before, the plume also kemaluanya kuraba, wow so neat I thought. I try not to insert my finger into her vagina because she was a virgin.I tried to stimulate him by gentle friction in my hand, I felt his body spasm and sweat out of her school uniform without using Bh itu.Dia repeatedly sighed,
'Affection Roy Roy ampunnn yuyy nikmattttt ......... ".And that's new with hand kugesek how klo kumasukan my inner gun into her vagina.After 10 minutes of this he shouted."AahhhhHH ... hhhhh ... SSSshhhhhh", and instantly she had her first orgasm.Then he fell limp in my arms, stroking her I justify the position of my pants and he also tried to justify the location of the position's uniform and skirt.Then I fetch water for him and said,"Well just like that how klo dah broken ML Rena guns might be up 2 days because of running out of stamina dong". candaku.Then he replied,
"Eh it was delicious aja new training, so it was like a little training dolo".I just laughed a little, and it had immediately said he wanted Roy Rena taught more guns the more expert, wrote thx this abis we want guns to go he asked. For a moment I thought but footsteps coming towards the place and I saw the faces of my friends came, including Ronald, Jeffery and Rudi.
Simply say hello,"Abis your basket", with a smile Jeffery said simply,"Rather than passable basketball ngurusin ngurusin Rena".They were all laughing and I saw Rena also a mischievous smile and try to wait for an answer. Then after my friends behind me whisper to your ear Rena ...
"Yes I've tar ajarin more hot again, yes," Rena smiled and I went to pack to go along with Rena.After that we went to borrow a car belonging to Ronald. On the way I asked,"Where are you going this Ren?"He replied.
"At home, Mama Papa Rena wrote it was to go to Jakarta to Yogyakarta was Adi kak",I was shocked and said,"Bener ya in your house?""Yes bener" he said.After we got home I was surprised with a big house like the palace wah really big and beautiful house.After I parked my car in guiding Rena to go into his house. Well apparently he was looking impatient. Then I waited for a bath while watching tv and enjoying a very tasty dish, like a king ya thought.
After he finished his shower, he came wearing just a towel that he Wraps his body, when he saw it, as my throat can not swallow the cookies that I've been eating, and soon Rena taking orange juice on the table and drank his room, after which kiss my lips and flowing orange juice he had drank was as if the parent is feeding her children.After that he opened the towel that was wrapped around her smooth white and it's sexy. Well her breasts really amazing tight and big, I thought no third-class high school kids are ripe, fine hairs that when in the cafe before I hold, I could see it clearly. It was an incredible sight.Without hesitate again he told me to menservicenya.
He said,"Come on why would he even taught diem", he said,I said,"You're really pretty too sexy body Ren".Without waiting for him to talk to just bury my head in her breasts and tried to stimulate the sensitive one, and then he began to sigh like that,
"Aah ... OuchHhh ... uhhhhhh ... Ahhhhhh ........"He really enjoyed it even once in a while she grabbed my hair, I noticed that her breasts are very firm and chewy so occasionally I squeeze squeezed and I also enjoyed it very much, beautiful breasts. Then I continued to kiss her female parts, she closed her eyes look really enjoyed it, and she squeezed her own breasts to try to stimulate her body as possible. When I smoke, suck on her clit she was overwhelmed and cried out,"Roy aduhh delicious ... ah ... ahh ... uhh ouchhhh".5 minutes later, he stimulates me. I saw him shake gently and suck my dick like a lollipop candy is very sweet,
"Oohh ... ahhhhhhh ... hahhhh",I really enjoyed it, she licked the pubic shaft and do not miss him, too zakarku fruit suction.I was not able to say anything else but enjoy permainanya. I almost vomited when I tried to pull my gun laharku of hisapannya and gengamannya, then I lay him diranjangnya and I spoke tenderly,"Hold it dear, first of all, but will also hurt really bad," I said.He nodded yes sign. I tried to break into her vagina was very difficult, on the first shot and after rub Kream in her vagina, on the third attempt I managed to put half my cock into his cock.He screamed in pain,
"Royy sakitT Royyyyyy ampunnNnNnnnnn", she cried, but I still do it and bless the whole stem groin now are in it along with her virginity blood spots.Paused to let her pussy get used to accept the presence of foreign bodies, after I felt my cock her pussy can accept, I tried to pull back and forth.Cry of pain that had been replaced with a sigh he said, sighing woman who was having a very enjoyable intercourse. And endlessly he always sighs and half-shouted."Aah hold dear Roy continues to make Rena satisfied shake ah shake ouchhhhh shhhhh do not stop sayangggg continue ...", rancaunya, I also really enjoy the throbbing, throbbing in the vagina, the movement is very delicious to suck on my cock and then I experienced the reverse position so that we can do the doggy style.
Then I told him to stand and lean on her dressing table mirror and kumasukan gun from behind so I could enjoy the beauty of her body and her breasts and her beautiful face of the glass.15 minutes this happened, I heard him shout,"I keluarrrrrrrrrrr Aahhhh Roy .......", oh it seems she just got her first orgasm.I pulled my cock from her vagina and let rest for a while Rena.
After quite a break. He asked me to continue in her bathroom like a swimming pool because it is very broad.Cash only because I impetuosity immediately step on the gas and immediately insert my penis into her vagina was red fissure. I really enjoy the splash of the shower that soaks our body, as if the drought will wet the thirsty soul sex.Rena continues merancau and finally I really felt the incredible pleasure, who had been sucked my cock I felt very bloated and reach a climax until the crown of it, I yelled,
"I mauuuuuuu keeeeluuuarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Rena mauuu DIII kelluariinnn mannna dii". I cried holding favors,He said while struggling"In the ajjjaaaaa","Ngga Rennn papa","Laggiii masaaaaaa tiiiidakkk suburrrrrr",And Rena also looked merancau again and shouted,"Yesssss uuu k daaa taaa ssssaaammaa saaammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhh".I could not stand it anymore and cum kusemburkan jebolah fortress inside her vagina she also seemed to reach orgasm both.After that he was still licking his groin and clean up the remnants of cum, then we shower together.Once finished I left, I said goodbye with a kiss on her forehead and said Rena's learning enough already, he just smiled gently as the girl was very innocent and said,"Roy Ronald invite ya here tomorrow, Jeffery ama Rudi, do not forget loh".I'm quite confused why it invites the others all thought. Then at 6 pm the next day after we had been to the house Rena 4. How shocked we are when there we were greeted with affection by all four beautiful girl of whom Karina, Monica, Cindy and Rena of course, and without more ado they say.
"Wah wah kak Roy really bad-we invited sech guns yesterday, in whom the cumin Rena wrote, yes ma guns like the rest of us?", Cash, I was surprised.And my friends have also picked up confused, and without shame Rena answer"I ma yesterday Roy ML loh".
I'm surprised why he opened the secret but before I could talk to Rena answer"So today Ronald, Jeffery ama Rudi taught Karina, Monica and Cindy, of course, continue to Rena Roy dong ama", he said.Of course my friends guns so angry even be happy, then I said to myself as well wah neh their fortune. Then we went to the Ground and renting a villa there and get through the day and night full of lust, passion and hunger for sex.And until now if there when we were doing well in the bathroom warnetku, Rena at home, in hotel or villa.
Even now many customers girlfriends became my lover just to overnight / one night stand. Likewise with my friends Ronald, Jeffery and Rudi frenzy they also received an order from the women who are lonely. But the consensual, we're not sorry Gigolo.

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