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Monday, July 9, 2012

a sexy Indonesia model

Queen Lanny is a sexy Indonesia model

[Foto-Foto Hot yang Mungkin Belum Pernah Anda Lihat]

  after she graduated in high school. beautiful woman indigenous to this Manado feels its organ that section that is lip, eye and foot. She felt unconvinced it-self when exit house without use its eyelash.

Queen Lanny is a sexy Indonesia model,she has beautiful body and good skin.Hope you will love these sexy pictures about Queen Lanny.

Queen Lanny

Biggest desire its in the world of models that is wish can go international, although only to Asian country. He ever show in Malaysia, and this is its first show beyond the sea. Queen Lanny have hobby swims, photo and traveling. her fantasy when she make love with its couple that is she wants to make love at the edge of coast, in glass room and not give a dam with people that see it. Like whose name is she likes with queen buttonhole and often fancy become queen in a country that every day there's only party of models.

Queen Lanny

Man Type that she like that is adult. because woman likes indulged, become balmier same full grown and well established man. One more the important is to will understand my job and not man type the coming jealousy. She want to have related to effort feminine world, like boutique or salon. So far obsession specially that is she have desire to make biography book. “Life is mystery, we never know what happen tomorrow. So, I always enjoy every second in my life”.

Queen Lanny

"If you are a queen wants to be served, in contrast with the queen on this one. She just wants to satisfy and conquer a man, because libido Lanny Queen never die. Are you ready? "
New year, new spirit! POPULAR want to donate any extra spirit for you by providing a special edition lingerie at the beginning of this year 2010. Women who are within your grasp is also willing to give their best poses and stories. His name was Lanny Queen. It is never bored when we spent a day with him. Understandably, a beautiful new two-year stay in Jakarta was known as a highly sociable.

Although spelled out a newcomer, nevertheless shows and shooting schedule of daily life coloring. Have accurate accurate, Lanny apparently unschooled in the electrical department at STM bench, but since touched the world model, he changed 180 degrees. See now, really seductive and has a strong magnet for men. It was a fun dimension to both the human eye if stared at her body.

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