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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ways girls masturbate

Ways girls masturbateBefore I played my first story about sex with a partner, it helps me first tell you my first experience playing solo sex or masturbation, since well before I had sex, I masturbate often.
Since childhood I already do not like and never want to wear a bra. This custom continues today. This certainly makes my parents so desperate. Sitting on the bench since elementary school, I was just wearing a singlet in the school uniform shirt. Perhaps the custom of wearing a small singlet since this is what makes me more freedom to this day wear a T Shirt that looks more like a singlet.Similarly, when I was in high school, I was only wearing a singlet in the school uniform shirt. It's still a little mending, instead I'm just straight hem just wear no bra inside, so the function is as a substitute singletku shirt bra.
About the CD's since I was a kid, I preferred the sexy models, but when SD I can do little because the mama who always bought all my needs. New since junior high I was able to choose their own favorite CD model, because when I was trusted to buy my own needs, even though the money still I got from my parents.
At first when I was a junior, model CD that I bought is still mediocre, due to the mini-CD as a model or a G String lace the average price is still very expensive for my age, what else I'm from the families whose lives have just pas- hand to mouth.
The new high school when I could buy and wear a kuidam CD-dreamed of since childhood, because my allowance was already getting a little too much, so I can save money first to buy a vital tool that kuidam cover-dreamed it. And in high school I was getting used to wearing a school uniform skirts.
Anyway since high school I was the one I feel free, can have a lacy or CD and put on a G String kuidam wanted. Just imagine the model, both are almost the same mini, just that one and the other lace G String is made of nylon rope. When I wear around my waist, a G String bit models there are differences, there are ties on the right side and left side.
All such models are very, very mini bikini, there's only triangular piece of cloth on the front, its function is only able to cover the front of my vagina hole. While I have the CD lace front with small heart-shaped lace at the edges.
In junior high was not the worst, but the new high school when I was a lot of friends from school, either classmates or from any other class including the teacher, often swallowed hard as I passed in front of them. Because when junior skirts subordinates still mediocre student like other women, but in high school I had dared to wear a mini skirt at school.
Initially the school was prohibited, but over time the school may be too tired, or maybe it's good to feel the head of school can share in my thighs look smooth (Haa.. Haa .. Haa ..!). GR not know, since I was already pretty small and the school has always been a star, not only stars in the classroom alone. Many guys from my school who menaksirku but they had to retreat with a broken heart because I did not want to be tied long ago. I hate a selfish guy, that if the feeling is closer to me and the others should not be approached again. I want to be friends with no ties any more coercion.
The first time I knew the game of sex was when I was in high school, instead of real sex to ML. I mean, we were only up to petting to oral sex only, then istilahku SSKTR (Little Sex Sex Without Risk). How did it come, then will I tell my story to come, for this time I will share the experience of the first masturbasiku.
I first masturbated when I was in junior high. I had forgotten the time, but I still remember the time I was attending the eighth grade. Actually there is a crush of my classmates at that time, his name Joko. His son was clever. He became my friend in grade two, because when I was a first class she went to school in Solo, and the new in-class assignment to his parents moved to Surabaya Johnny had to go to change schools.
Many of my friends girlfriends who are also paying attention to her son Joko Joko but ignored it. Unlike my friends who was my boyfriend who had begun puberty, and a lot of acting, Joko his calm, more quiet and less authoritative. Perhaps this is also what makes the other girl friends so intrigued him.
Times when I am home, I often imagine what if if Joko kiss me, squeeze my breasts had grown enlarged it. In fact, I also imagine that if Joko fingers caressing my legs, touching the outside of my vagina has started overgrown hairs. I can only suppose, but I also do not know if it's called love or just lust. But that's how I felt at that time.
In the bath I started groping the breast, groin and other areas erogenku. But I have never done anything until one day I had an orgasm, even then I did not know what an orgasm and so on. I ran a hand over increasingly absorbed in my body until I began to know where it lies the most enjoyable parts of my body when touched.
I most enjoy playing clit with his fingertips, wringing her breasts. Liang pussy is always wet when I do something like that. There is a clear liquid seeping out of the rut out of wet pussy around my crotch.
I am emboldened to rub your fingers around the lips of my vagina, imagining that all this is done by Joko. If in the bathroom I always used to put liquid soap around the outside of my vagina. Else if I do in bed, often I used first hand body lotion, new kulumuri in around my legs I do the activity.
Slippery liquid soap or body lotion tersbut become more slippery when mixed with clear liquid that flows out of the hole my vagina when I've had a very high passion. I played clit with his fingertips, kugesek-grit hand while the other was still wringing my tits and twisting my nipples.
I felt something was going to burst out from inside me, urging more and more powerful to make me squirm like mad. My lips are kept sighing like a kid menceracau sudden high fever, until finally I had a taste like pee, but that there is a twitch-twitch in my vagina.
My body was shivering once, I felt there was something that had spilled out of the womb fills the entire part in the vagina vagina, wetting the walls of the vagina. I do not know if this is called an orgasm? What is clear after that I was experiencing the relief that is very very unusual. Burden to be lost, my body becomes lighter, just hard to describe with words.
Later I knew that it was called orgasm, because these things happened to me more often, at least three times a week I experienced something like that, because almost three times during the week I always masturbate.
Frankly when I was junior high school friends I have not dared to let my boyfriend touch me though sebanarnya anxious hearts, but I still fear the rules and norms at the time. What else was I still a virgin at my age and has embedded a sense of how important the virginity of the girl child.
It was also affecting the way I masturbate. I do not dare put my finger tip into the hole my vagina, because I'm afraid my virginity will be taken away by his own fingers. Yet at certain moments during masturbation, it feels like once I put my finger into the hole is very itchy vagina that feels just like it was scratched. Usually this happens when I almost had an orgasm. Encouragement like that coming strong. But fortunately all capable of handle, I can reach the peak of satisfaction just by playing the clit with my fingertips. While the fingers of my left hand plays the clitoris, the fingers of my right hand rubbing her lips around the vagina. Or when the fingers of my hands to play clitoris, another hand-wringing my breasts while occasionally twisting my nipples. Libidoku since junior high school is already very high, I can not stand if you do not masturbate three times a week, it's always wanted to be grumpy.
So a little experience the first time to masturbate.

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