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Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Women Love lazy

Why Women Love lazy6 Reasons Women Want No SexWritten by Hery KosalovichWomen's figure is difficult to predict. Therefore, not surprising for the bedroom, women have unpredictable moods. Want to know why women do not want sex?
If a woman is remotely associated with her partner, then it can not be denied that the action of the bed can be a vacuum. Whereas for men, sex is an important and necessary commitment to the partner.
When the guy asked struggle, some women have a habit of refusing to make love, while others do so in special circumstances. For men, these conditions become cruel and unusual punishment.
Sure, there are some differences between women who did not mengiginkan sex, and has a purpose behind the refusal. One indication, when she deliberately did not want to have sex, then he will send you a message.
Curious what the underlying reasons for the unwillingness of women to have sex, here's his explanation of AskMen:
He was not in the mood
Maybe this is the most plausible reason. If the condition is not in the mood, you do something that made him very angry, maybe he'll stay away from you.
The last thing women do when he feels the emotions is when angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, stressed, in a state of exhaustion, or busy.
Although some men can relieve feelings of discomfort, but women find it more difficult to manage his emotions. Therefore they will choose meluapkannya with anger, and great sex. It's just before bed the action starts, it will remove the anger first.
Solution The first thing to do is find out the reason why he was angry and tried to suppress it. Sometimes little attention can melt women's feelings.
The he demanded to be appreciated
If she maintained a reason to love you, he could be testing the strength of your love for him.
If in a love story of a woman was able to control everything, especially sex, then he wanted to show you who's boss in bed or in a helpless condition of the other matters in his life. Could be he's a cruel boss, dominant, or overly protective.
If you find this reason, then you should be aware if he was like to be appreciated. Well, now you know how to treat it in bed, he might think there's no point showing the status.
He plays your feelings
In this case, means she is playing with your feelings. If these conditions are at hand, then try to give him new life sexuality.
Take him to visit a sex shop and buy something nice for you both. Buy books advise how to make the atmosphere more fun. If it appealed to him, it could be he will open the door to your heart again.
The he felt very tired
If she was feeling tired, then he will not feel like doing everything. Another reason that makes the lazy woman is if she is too busy, so he will not be able to enjoy sex as you want.
To restore the condition, you can give it preferential treatment. Then ask him a bath together or massage.
If the condition he was more relaxed, then it is certain he will feel sexy and ready for battle.
He was having an affair
This is probably the reason that made him kick you out of bed and more interested in sex with other men.
If that is the root of the problem, then you are facing a big problem. Moreover, if you see him having an affair.
When these conditions you face, then you can ask to speak well and listen to reason. If the relationship is not sustained, then you can decide to continue or abandon him.
He's bored
It may be that he refused an invitation to have sex because they feel uncomfortable with your treatment in bed. That way, he felt bored and did not want to have sex with you.
When this condition is experienced, you can ask her to exchange ideas to discuss the things that makes him feel bored with you. (NSA)
Sources: OkeZone.Com

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