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Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Women Reject sex

Why Women Reject sex4 Other Reasons Women Refuse sexWritten by Hery KosalovichMen everywhere will feel sad when a beloved spouse refuses to have sex. The minds of men will be disturbed and a flash came the series of negative questions. Wow!
Eits, you do not be sad once. You still have to seek answers from your partner a silent action. Baseball problem if your partner does not respond to your question, the important thing you've tried.
But before this problem happened to you, it would not hurt if you look at some of the reasons women are reluctant to have sex, such as review of AskMen.
Your partner is angry
One woman refused to have sex if he harbored anger at their partner. However you should know that the woman is a private figure who wants to understand, but sometimes men do not realize had been offended and angered him. As a reward, she would refuse to have sex with you.
Women miss sex
Some of the men sometimes like to force their partners to have sex, though not necessarily want her to do it. When this happens, surely she can not feel sexual pleasure until the climax. You still have to communicate and partner talk about time, position, and the right style of sex that everything is going well.
Women are not passionate
Men might never get bored of sex, while women often feel tired to have sex every day. Women often think sex is just a routine, so they want a partner who does not demand sex every day. In addition, women also like the location and style of sex that is always different than usual.
She feels she is not sexy
Many women consider themselves not sexy, so they do not want to have sex with their partner. This problem usually experienced by mature aged women. For this reason men have a duty to give meaning to their partner to have sex is not difficult.
How, you're ready to make love with your partner? (Tty)
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