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Monday, July 9, 2012

Women like to choose Safe Sex

Women like to choose Safe Sex6 Reasons Women for Safe SexWritten by Hery KosalovichSomeone who is too young to have sex more at risk of sexual health problems throughout his life.
ANYONE who start having sex too young or too old more likely to experience sexual health problems throughout his life.
An investigation found the cause of sexually transmitted diseases are not only affected sexual transmitted too early. But, there are other factors such as holding emotional, cognitive. In fact, interpersonal skills are very important for sexual satisfaction and overall health.
If it were so, women who suffer more than men? The reason, he can make you pregnant, and easy to leave you without thinking twice about the baby in your belly. This is because the possibility he did not feel responsible to protect women who do not have any relationship (without marriage).
Women should be more attention to the birth compared with men. Target your marketing budget to prevent pregnancy for women is very small compared with large budgets for the Trojan, Durex, and condoms, said Steven James Dixon, author of "Men Do not Heal, We Ho: A Book Abaut the Emotional Instablity of Men".
If there is someone reading this article right now with a man who lay beside him, without knowing for sure if he wore a condom. If I were a woman, I would not trust the male condom, added James.
Have you noticed how many single women who already have children? If so, the women, you must learn to protect yourself.
Here are six reasons for safer sex for you, and of course for your future. As described James quoted from Shine, Monday (14/06/2010).
If he asks you to have a child from her
Many men do not marry you, but ask you to bear children for him. It's crazy. And the baby is going crazy too!
If he is not ready for marriage
He was not ready to marry you. But still invite you to have sex, think! At least he must marry first. Moreover, if asked to have sex without a condom.
If he is not concerned with HIV or sexually transmitted diseases
If he was still forced to have sex without fear of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV, make the assumption that he has both. So you can keep yourself in a proper way.
If you do not want him to be the father of your children's future
You have doubts that he could be a good father. In addition, your feelings saying that he did not have the qualities you want to become a father. So, why would you risk giving her the opportunity to become the father of your child-to have sex with her?
If he knows you are pregnant with his child, but it does not matter
If you're a special woman, then he will marry you. However, if you're not special in her eyes, then this will be different once he knows you are pregnant, and then walked away.
If you lived with his mother, or with a friend
You need a figure of a man who can be a father to protect your little family in the future. Adult male is a man who is independent and out of her parents' house.(Tty)
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