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Friday, March 30, 2012

choose beef imports

 Variations menu there should be in every home. Beef imports from Australia could be chosen. To get this premium quality fresh meat, Ranch Market Australian Food Promotion held during April in six outlets (Dharmawangsa Square, Artery Pondok Indah, West Housing, Pavilion P, Puri Indah, and Kemang Raya).

Not hard to process beef that is known is soft and gentle. But you need to cut the meat according to the type of cooking. Rudiansyah, Store Manager of the Ranch Market outlet Oakwood, said there are prime and secondary cut of meat cut for premium quality from Australia.

"Prime cut has taken from the cow. This is pure meat, tender because there is no muscle," said Rudi told Reuters at the opening of Australian Female Food Promo at Oakwood, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/4/2010) ago.

Prime cut more appropriately treated as a steak. While the secondary cut is generally made ​​into pieces for soup preparations, rendang, curry, or other typical dishes such as rawon. Processed meat from the outside has imported cattle can also be cooked as skemer, ie, the pierced piece of meat like kebabs.

Make sure the meat you buy in supermarkets are stored in proper temperature, that is 2-4 degrees Celsius. Also ask for ice when the temperature of the meat to stay awake until I got home. Freshness of the meat will give you different pleasure when consumed.

You also can mimic the menu at the Ranch Kitchen chef processed, which presents a variety of specialties Australia. Simply wait for the process of cooking for 5-15 minutes with the menu or the level of maturity according to taste. After that you can practice at home.

In order for Quick Beef Soft

Many of the dishes we made major beef. Call it the rendang, empal, or broil. Cook it, needed a special trick. Not just a matter of seasoning mix, but also choosing the right meat for any dish.
Easy trick
To stir-fry dishes, use a soft piece of meat because the cooking time soon. While for cooking stew or stew, you should use a more solid meat. "Especially when cooking foods that are boiled or diungkep old, like rendang. Meat is tender more easily destroyed during cooking takes place," said Sous Chef Prasetyo Widodo of satoo Restaurant, Hotel Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.
Meat is tender, it is preferred because it does not make you work hard teeth. That is why, like a soft piece of tenderloin is relatively more expensive. But do not be desperate. In a special way, the texture can be made more tender meat. For example, by poking the meat using a special needle. You can also use papaya leaves wrapped meat or meat by diluting the lapping both sides using a meat mallet. There are also products of powdered meat tenderizer, but it is possible to alter the taste of meat. You want the flavor and freshness of the meat still excellent, right?
At the producer level, also developed in ways that are more technical. Like dry aged beef, beef stored in minimal moisture. After being slaughtered and cleaned, the meat is stored in a special room with good air circulation. Room temperature is maintained at a temperature of 0-2 degrees Celsius with humidity levels of 60 percent.
During the storage period, three to four weeks, the natural enzymes in beef work describes the meat tissues. After the meat is cleaned, cut and sold to consumers. "As a result produced more tender meat with a richer flavor," said Dwi Aryanto, perishable Ranch Market Manager at The Landmark, London.
Carefully choose
Processed meat delicacy of the materials used are determined. Choose fresh red meat. Dark red meat of cows cut marks are old or too long display in the window. Fresh meat look a little shiny but not slimy. Does not feel sticky when held in hand.
Note the color of meat fat. According to Dwi Aryanto, fresh meat have fat white with a pink hue, instead of white.
When buying meat in airtight packaging, choose a cool, do not have excess fluid that pooled in the packaging, and packaged well with no defects in the packaging.
Cook the meat on the same day as purchase. If not used completely, store the meat in the freezer. Avoid repeated freeze the meat as it can eliminate the extract.
Sources: Martha Stewart Living Indonesia

Different Types of Meat and processing methods

To ensure a level of maturity of the meat, you need to differentiate the types of meat. Therefore, the level of maturity of each type of meat is different, according to Wanda Gunawan Chef, Executive Sous Chef Intercontinental Midplaza Jakarta, told Compass Female, some time ago. Foods that are not yet perfectly ripe can cause problems, from digestive problems to the problem of bird flu virus is emerging again.

According to Wanda, beef for steak with a good quality can be said when it is cooked at temperatures around 55 degrees Celsius. While the chicken is cooked it can be said when the temperature inside the meat is at a temperature of 74 degrees Celsius. Different things to be found in minced meat, minced meat referred to as mature when temperatures are 68-70 degrees Celsius. "However, the determination of this temperature can be known only by using a food thermometer," he said.

If you want an easier way, you can perform a physical observation in the flesh. For chicken meat, can be seen from the joints. If the joints are still visible redness, arguably the meat must be cooked longer. As for the beef, especially steak, maturity can be seen from the resulting juice. If the juices are clear and the color produced was no longer turbid or colored red, then the meat is already cooked and ready to eat.

Chopped Meat Processing Tricks

In the supermarket there are two kinds of minced meat. The first, minced meat without fat, and the second fatty minced meat. We recommend using lean meat if you want to mix it with the cuisine, especially if the batter should be rounded. Fat on meat will make the rough spots.
Chop trick
To make mincemeat of quality and hygiene, follow these tips:
A. Choose lean meat, and remove the fat is hard and wiry.
2. With a wide blade and sharp, irislah beef into thin and small.
3. Minced meat with the movement in one direction, and do not forget to return the result chopped flat.
4. Food processors also can be used for chopping.
5. To make the burger should be mixed with herbs and other ingredients.
6. If you buy minced meat at the supermarket or traditional, meat should not be washed in order not to dissolve.
7. Ask the butcher at the traditional markets, whether the mill is distinguished by the type of meat used. Better to choose sellers who use a rolling pin and knife are different for each type of meat.
8. Make sure the meat seller in both traditional markets and supermarkets sell quality and halal meat.
Minced meats
Any food that can be processed with minced meat?
A. Lean minced meat suitable for the spaghetti meatball. For the sauteed vegetables, choose lean mince that.
2. In addition to stir, chop the meat is usually processed into burgers. For these preparations, there is usually a mixture, ie bread, eggs, onions, pepper, and salt. Is formed round flat dough, fried in a pan that has been given margarine.
3. Printil a simple sauce made of fried minced meat from a crushed once again by way of ground. The goal that the meat is more subtle. Give pepper and salt, make a round of a marble. Fried with a little hot oil.
4. For spaghetti bolognaise, simply roasted minced meat, bolognaise sauce add instant. Stir well.
Beef Saving Tips

 Beef is indeed one type of food preferred by many people and contain many nutrients and vitamins. The beef was also the kind of food that can be combined for a wide variety of delicious and tasty preparations as well as durable. In order to get the most out of processed products, consider how to store beef.

"That is often a problem for many people is the proper storage of beef, so as not to lose its juices and still good to eat," said Wanda Gunawan, Executive Sous Chef InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza to Compass Female, Wagyu Beef in the event Sunday Brunch at Java Restaurant , Hotel InterContinental MidPlaza, Sunday (1/15/2012) ago.

According to Chef Wanda Gunawan, the temperature had a significant influence in the storage of beef, which also affects the freshness of meat preservation. "The most optimal temperature to store the meat is up to a temperature of minus one degree Celsius," he explained.

Avoid storing beef in temperature of five degrees Celsius or more. Because this temperature can damage the meat and will allow the meat could be contaminated with various bacteria in the refrigerator and the air outside. Five degrees is the optimal temperature for breeding bacteria and "poison" the meat.

The best place to store the meat is not in the chiller and freezer. "Earlier this meat should be wrapped with plastic wrap to avoid contamination," he added.

Freezers should be avoided for storage of beef. When stored in a frozen state, the meat is no longer fresh and become drier. If meat is too frozen, the meat juices will come out together with the melting ice on the frozen meat. This is what makes the meat is not fresh, not juicy, and the quality is declining. "And the worst, the meat smells sour," he concluded.

Red meat is not liquid in the Blood

Many people feel worried when you want to process red meat, especially beef. Concerns were caused when sliced​​, the beef issue a red liquid. Does this mean the meat is still bleeding? What to do if they find meat that was processed to remove the fluid is red?

However, there needs to be clarified. Red liquid on the meat is not actually blood, but the "juice" or the juice of the meat.

Almost all the blood had actually separated from the meat when the slaughter process so you will not see blood on the white raw meat (eg chicken). There are only a small amount of blood that remains in the muscle tissue when you take the meat fresh from the supermarket.

While the issue of red meat because red meat is a red liquid usually contains water. This water, mixed with a protein called myoglobin, which ultimately results in the red liquid.

Basically, that's what distinguishes red meat than white meat, which is at the level of myoglobin in the meat. The more myoglobin, the red meat. That is why, most animals that have a high myoglobin content, such as mammals, is considered a red meat. The animals with low myoglobin content, like most birds (or who do not have myoglobin, like marine animals), categorized as white meat.

As mentioned earlier, is the protein myoglobin, which stores oxygen in muscle cells. This is similar to that of hemoglobin, which stores oxygen in red blood cells. Muscles do need a supply of oxygen directly to the "fuel" as used constantly. Myoglobin contains a red pigment that is so powerful that the more myoglobin, the red meat that you see. When cooked, the darker the color of meat as well.

(From various sources)

Sea dishes taste

Our country is an archipelago that is very easy to form a healthy diet with seafood menu. Seafood (seafood) is a source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, also contain omega 3 which is recommended for heart health experts.

It's just to eat should be in a fresh condition, either baked, steamed (dipepes), as well as for the soup. Not uncommon for people to lazy to eat fish, not in the fresh smell of putrid fish. For that we need to know how to pick fresh fish.

Seafood including molluscs are mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops. While that includes crustaceans are shrimp, oysters, lobster, and crabs. Seafood sold in frozen form, such as squid and shrimp, which is clean in a plastic bag.

However, for a superior taste and aroma of seafood should be purchased in the form of fresh, and after that must be processed. Seafood processing very easily so it can be quickly served.

Crab Sauce Padang, Sweet!

Shrimp come to the city it's not complete if you do not eat seafood. Cirebon, a city located on the seafront it does have a lot of fresh seafood that is supplied from the coastal areas around Cirebon, as Gebang and Losari. This time the team would like to tell about fond of eating seafood restaurant is very popular in the Seafood H Moel Cirebon in Kalibaru Road South. Moel H Seafood has been a long time in Cirebon, even now there are 3 places. Two of them are located in Kalibaru Road South and is the newest branch in Jalan Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo.
Normally this place would be crowded at the dinner hour arrived, so my family and I arrived early at around 18:30 that gets a seat and did not wait long he-he ... When we arrived there only about 5 tables filled, most who come here are family. Yup, seafood is a delicious food for the meal for all ages.
That night his servant with a friendly offer special menus, and finally we decided to order a Ca Polos Broccoli, Shrimp Grill, Crab Egg Sauce Padang, pomfret fish Bakar, Soursop Juice, and Hot Lime. I also had a look into the kitchen to see the process of cooking, the kitchen was deliberately placed in front of the glass-walled, so we can watch the cooks while processing crab and his friends were.
The first menu is the Shrimp Fuel delivered, Broccoli, and Fish Bawalnya. Wah wah .... steady at all. I immediately took a small basket of rice and a piece of grilled fresh shrimp. Of course not forgetting terasinya sauce. Very yummy shrimp, sweet and fresh. Seporsinya contains about 8-10 pieces of medium-sized shrimp. Euuy solid portion, and a serving of grilled shrimp as much as it priced around USD 65,000. Broccoli is also delicious plain, which is obviously very healthy vegetable to eat broccoli.
Next thing I tasted was burnt pomfret fish, flesh thick and soft. And very good at all when I mix the soy sauce over the fish meat. Euy delicious baked pomfret fish.
What I've been waiting for came, my favorite is the Crab Egg Sauce Padang. A plate containing two small-sized crab, Yum yum ... Solid pasture once spicy sauce, crab meat permeates the already fried first. Abis kicking it.
You must try the crab sauce Seafood Moel prairie style, it feels different from the others. And do not feel two small crabs have been eaten up by our family in, though a little spiciness but we were very satisfied. For a portion of crab sauce that contains two small fields is also not too expensive, only about Rp 90,000, let alone to think that senendang it.
So when it comes to Cirebon, not to be confused anymore to find a good seafood restaurant, stop by just to Moel H Seafood. And do not forget cobain Crabs Sauce pasture. (Ita)

Lemburi Fried crab, delicious indeed!

That afternoon we arrived in Solo, the clock is shown at 18:15. Stomach feels hungry after traveling by train from Yogyakarta. Where the rain also, cold and our stomachs growling really. After Budi picked up, we immediately invited him to dinner and he recommended Canton Restaurant.
Restaurants that sell chinese food and seafood are located in Jalan Gajah Mada 87, Solo. The place still simple, but quite crowded, you know, here. Turns out this is one of the favorite places in Solo Budi. My friend's favorite menu here is a Szechuan eggplant, hmm ... sounds very interesting. Other menus are very tempting. Well, there happened to be lemburi crab, so I ordered the fried crab lemburi. Then, we also messages vietnam chicken.
My hunger was increasing rapidly as the smell of cooking came to our table, let alone see the fried crab lemburi dry, it would be nice is he-he-he .... Krezzz ... the claws very crunchy, and because of this fried flour so that it is also more tasty and crunchy. Wow, this really delicious crab lemburinya. The three of us to fight to eat crab he-he-he ....
Szechuan Eggplant is also a bone of contention between the three of us, the soft eggplant mixed with Szechuan seasoning was spicy sweet ... really fun, delicious with hot rice. Honestly this is my first time eating eggplant cooked Szechuan, it turns out ... hhmmm tenan delicious.
Our third menu is the chicken vietnam, and it turns out that this was also no less delicious menu with two earlier. Chicken fillet cubes are fried first, but not until dry, then a new deh sauce cooked with black pepper and onions. There is a sense of sweetness and there is a very distinctive nutty flavor that comes from black pepper.
All of the menu we ordered delicious taste, perhaps others as well as tasty. Next time we come over here again yes because I am still curious about the other menus, such as the mushroom layer of meat, beef tibet, salt and shrimp open. It sounds very interesting menu, he-he-he .... Ok, good luck with Canton cuisine. (Ita)
Sources: www.doyanmakan.com

choose fish and how to roast to perfection

Grilled fish would be anyone's favorite dish. Unfortunately, the fish burn job easy bother. If you do not know the tricks, the fish might be burnt, or even immature, and stuck to the pan or grill.

"The main thing to consider when burning fish with nonstick skillet with no oil is not to let the pan get too hot. If too hot, fish will overcook (on the outside) but not yet mature," said one participant cooking competition show Top Chef is also Talde restaurant owner, Dale Talde.

Ability to maintain sufficient heat is required, so the fish does not stick, broken, and made ​​it hard behind and presented. To facilitate all of your efforts, while burning the fish with a frying pan add a little olive oil or butter to the pan evenly and heat hot enough to ripen the meat.

Also, you should not burn the fish with the pan in an intact fish. Previously, these fish pieces with a thickness of about 3 cm, and cook each side for three to five minutes.

"The fish tend to be capable of storing heat in the flesh, although it was not cooked again. Then you should lift the fish just before reaching the desired level of maturity, and let the fish mature by itself without a stove," said Chris Yeo, executive chef and owner of Straits and Sino restaurants in America.

How to Select the "Seafood" Frozen Safe

When looking to buy seafood at the supermarket, you'll find it in a fresh or frozen. When you do not plan to cook seafood direct it, then buy frozen seafood in the state could be an option. However, there are some things to consider when buying seafood in a frozen state, in addition to the expiration date.

A. When buying frozen seafood in the state, pay attention to these foods in an airtight, but the humidity is maintained. Do not buy frozen seafood with packaging that is torn.

2. Choose packaging seafood in the middle. If you choose the very bottom, the possibility of greater seafood destroyed. If you chose the top packing, it is likely the product is a product that has been long.

3. Avoid the risk of seafood thaw during the trip. Therefore, ask for bottled coolers in order not to damage the product.

4. Note well, not to choose seafood that is damaged or broken parts of his body. For example, the legs were broken lobster, or shellfish whose skin has been destroyed.

5. If you choose to buy a fish fillet, choose a natural color according to the type of fish. Many fish fillets are given dye so that the colors become more attractive.

Grouper and snapper Avoid When Eating Seafood

As mentioned in previous articles (More Selective While Enjoying Seafood), now has global marine fisheries crisis. The cause is a serious population decline in some species of fish, and the manner of his arrest are not environmentally friendly.
Nevertheless, eating grilled fish hobby need not be stopped. All you need to do is be more selective in consuming its kind. WWF Indonesia has also issued a Seafood Guide, to help you select the type of fish that is still relatively safe. Here's a guide:
Seafood from the red list is to be avoided. Seafood in this list have a serious population declines in nature, and in the process of arrest may occur catch (by-catch) of protected wildlife. The fish in question are:
Giant clams, turtles and turtle eggs, dugong (code 1), coconut crabs, dolphins, lobster / crayfish, manta rays, sunfish, sharks (all types of products), whale sharks, bluefin tuna, yellow fin tuna , albakor tuna, big eye tuna (code 2), napoleon, triton, grouper (code 2.3), abalonies, Trochus (code 3).
"Grouper is a variety of species, and few species have been lost in some places," said Imam Musthofa Zainuddin, national coordinator of the marine program of WWF Indonesia.
Be careful, and watch, when you choose seafood from the yellow list. These products are often obtained by arrest is not sustainable, environmentally friendly or not. The fish are:
Octopus (code 2.3), lencam / emperor, fish eggs, fish side, yellow tail, crab, rabbitfish, sea cucumbers, gerot-gerot/sweetlips, goats, snapper, butane, sea horses, swordfish, shrimp, rays ( code 3), and the voyage / marlin (code 4).
If possible, ask the seafood is still in the green list, or that it is safe. There are many types of fish are healthy and nutritious for you to choose. For example:
Anchovies, barracuda, mahi-mahi, tuna, marine catfish, bass, pomfret, sea tola / rainbow runners, lemuru / sardines, flying, skipjack, small mackerel, mackerel, squid, bobara / cake, and jellyfish.
This list is not complete, and is not over. Mentioned types of fish that can move a category at any time. To see the latest developments and seafood recipes, please visit www.wwf.or.id / seafoodguide, or www.panda.org. You can download the Seafood Guide is in there.
Description of code:
A. Legally protected species.
2. Breeding and a bit slow, and vulnerable to overfishing or excessive catches.
3. Way very damaging habitat arrest.
4. Hazardous to health because they contain ciguatera, or contain heavy metals which accumulate in the body
(From various sources)

how to develop a recipe to make bread and

 For many people make the bread is not an easy job. Sometimes the bread to be too harsh, burning, or even a sodden. But according to Tom Gumpel, Panera bakery head chef in America, making bread is actually easy to do as long as a lot of practice to get the flavor and the bread is perfect. Tom also advised to not always glued to the recipe, and dare to modify the recipe to get the texture of the bread as desired.

"If the recipe uses 0.5 kg of wheat flour, wheat flour should be mixed with other flours such as wheat flour but with a total mixture of 0.5 kg," he said.

In addition, to produce the best bread, not too often touch the dough with your hands while kneading bread loaves. Yeast in the bread would not inflate too much perfect when pressed. Rest the dough for a moment that perfectly swell, and form carbon dioxide is enough to soften the texture of the bread.

To maximize your efforts, use containers made of stainless steel, granite, marble, or wood container, so that the yeast can work a maximum and the bread has the perfect result.

Raisin Bread Pudding Cherry


6 lbr raisin bread (raisins), diced

300 ml of liquid milk

¼ teaspoon salt

50 grams sugar

25 gr cornstarch

Btr 2 egg yolks, beaten off

1 tablespoon unsalted butter

1 tablespoon rum

30 g of candied red cherries, chopped

20 gr candied green cherries, chopped

20 grams of raisins

How to make:

A. Boil the milk, salt, sugar, and cornstarch, stirring until boiling. Turn off the heat.

2. Take a little boiled milk. Enter into the egg yolk. Stir well. Pour back into boiling milk and stir well.

3. Turn on the fire. Cook, stirring until boiling and thickened. Lift.

4. Add unsalted butter and rum and stir well. Enter your bread. Stir well. Add most of candied red cherries, green cherries and raisins and stir well.

5. Pour batter into a paper cup, smooth. Sprinkle the remaining red and green candied cherries. Chill in refrigerator. Serve cold.

Serves 6

Chocolate Bread Pudding


- 4 cups milk

- 4 eggs

- ½ cup sugar

- 8 tablespoons margarine or butter

- 12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate pieces

- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

- 1 piece of bread, remove the rim

- Thick cream, stir to expand

Ways of making:

- Stir milk, eggs, and sugar in saucepan. Add butter and chocolate, reheat over medium heat, stir until chocolate melts. Enter the vanilla.

- Spray a heat resistant dish with cooking spray so that the dough is not sticky. Arrange bread slices up to three layers. Sprinkle the chocolate batter into the bread.

- Cover with plastic wrap (clear plastic wrap) and override the dough with the other heat-resistant dish so that the bread remains solid. Allow 1 hour for brown bread can absorb the sauce perfectly. Preheat oven to 165 ° C.

- Lift the upper plate and open the plastic, no plastic to bake 35-40 minutes or as desired. Serve warm with whipped cream.

For 8 people

Steamed Bread Pudding


4 lbr white bread

100 gr of young coconut meat

5 pcs plantains, peeled, cut into 1 cm

250 ml coconut milk from 1/2 coconut

1/2 tsp salt

60 grams of fermented black glutinous

50 grams of brown sugar, fine comb

Lbr 2 pandan leaves, cut into 2 cm

How to make:

A. Trim the edges of the bread, slice of bread the size of 2 x 2 cm.

2. Cook the coconut milk and salt until boiling and thick, keeping the milk is not broken.

3. Prepare a heat-resistant bowl and steamer that has been heated.

4. Insert a row in a bowl: bread, coconut, banana, fermented black glutinous rice, brown sugar, and pandan, then add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk.

5. Steamed in a saucepan over medium heat for 15-20 minutes until cooked. Remove and serve.

For 6 people

Sources: Real Simple

Recipe: Dahrani Princess

Test Kitchen: Club Nova

how to wash and cook crabs

Crabs are one of the much-loved marine animals because it is savory and delicious. Crabs are usually purchased in a state of life, in order to maintain freshness. But many people are reluctant to buy cooked crab for themselves because they do not know how to clean it. It also requires a special trick to cooking it.

If at times you want to try cooking it yourself, you should consider this:

A. Make sure the crab claw in a state of strongly bound. Then, turn around and look for crabs is a triangular section at the bottom of his body. Puncture and split the triangle is so dead crabs. In it there is usually a sand and other debris that might make you poisoned.

2. If you are still afraid to turn off this crab, prepare a container of water and ice cubes, then put the crab into it until the crab is not moving. Then wash as usual.

3. Clean the inside of the colon in the form of crabs such as the black string that connects the stomach to the navel crab. Remove the hexagon is also a board or a heart crab.

4. Halve the shells of crabs and brush until clean. Ready cooked crabs.

Crab with Variety of Taste

Want to feel pepes crab, shredded crab, fried crab and crab sauce comes to a variety of flavors Dandito Restaurants in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, which creates a variety of flavors crab innovation.
The menu is the crab flavor sauce flagship dandito. Taste sauce and thick red is intentionally created from the results of experiments owner, Rudy Setiawan who have tried over the years a variety of cooking ingredients before starting to open his restaurant. Dandito name is taken from the name of the second male owner Rudy Setiawan.
Dandito the crab sauce seasoning mix of red round the red ginger, red tomatoes, red onion, brown sugar, and red pepper. The result is a sense of the ingredients that it fits on the tongue taste sour mix, sweet and spicy.
The liquid is slightly thickened sauce marinade of red and orange mixed pleasures seemed to flow in the tongue, very fitting in eating with bread mantow a small round shape. Presented a special bread to eat crab sauce dandito friends.
Marinade sauce per serving size of about one quart of gravy sauce, so you can imagine how much that must be cooked to spice marinade sauce can be about one drum every day the amount of stock for seasoning saosnya.
Other menu of crab is crab oyster sauce, sweet and sour, black pepper, butter fried, boiled cook team, fried garlic crab and asparagus soup.
Black pepper sauce, black and viscous as well as many visitors preferred because of the spiciness of black pepper is very pungent tongue for culinary connoisseurs who like spicy. Make visitors hooked to continue watering crab with black pepper sauce.
For visitors who do not like to eat crabs there is a menu of shrimp, fish, squid, beef, chicken fried or grilled, and a variety of sauces. For vegetables there is choice cah kale, collards cah, cah sprouts and cap cay.
Restaurant operating Dandito been ten years in Marsma Iwahyudi Road, Mount Offering, Balikpapan also have received a delivery order in all regions of Jakarta and Surabaya. Dandito working with Yanny Libels, one of the singers Trio Libels personnel for marketing Jakarta.
Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan is also available a special counter measure a pound of crab packing a variety of flavors so that the passenger plane from Balikpapan live crab buy souvenirs at the airport Dandito only and do not necessarily have to come to his restaurant.
Price per serving a variety of flavors depending on the type of crab crab selected. Crab eggs one serving of Rp 117.000, Rp 100,000 male crabs, and soft-shelled crabs Rp 100,000. The most expensive crab pepes only Rp 16,500 a pack. Shredded crab Rp 20,000 per well of plastic packaging.
Price portion of the crab to the size of one kilogram can contain two or three depending on the size of the crab. The crab here is somewhat unique because of the size of the body and legs (claws) are not proportional. Claws size larger than his body but full of meat.
Special soft-shelled crabs are soft leather shell can be eaten immediately. Fried soft-shelled crabs taste almost like crispy fried chicken skin because its shell almost does not feel his skin when eaten. There was Kriuk-fitting Kriuk and tasty food.
Nearly all the officials and artists visited the capital of Balikpapan when most crabs enjoy Dandito. In the wall restaurant with lots of photos of famous artists and officials.
To neutralize the cholesterol from the crabs, there is brown sugar coconut water drinks that had been made for the guests drink menu. It was fresh and sweet sugar arennya very fit to drink after eating crab.
Culinary options include seafood in New York City Restaurant Walnuts, Tambora Restaurant, and Restaurant with a menu Torani bass without a thorn.
Bakwan Crab Soup

Materials balls:

150 grams of minced shrimp

200 gr chicken meat, minced

100 g crab meat, chopped

100 g carrots, diced small

5 pcs ear mushrooms, soaked hot water, chopped

1 teaspoon salt

? teaspoon pepper

1 eggs, beaten

1 tablespoon cornstarch


1 tablespoon cooking oil

5 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 ltr shrimp broth

1 stalk green onion, thinly sliced

1 tsp sesame oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

2 inches fresh ginger, crushed

200 g bamboo shoots, cut into matchsticks

chilli sauce

How to make:

A. Sauce: heat oil and saute garlic until fragrant, add the broth, pepper, salt, sesame oil and ginger. Cook until boiling.

2. Mix together all ingredients balls, stirring until smooth.

3. Take 2 pieces of dough with a small spoon, and forms such as meatballs, put in the broth, bring to a boil over medium heat until meatballs float. Do it until all ingredients are gone.

4. Finally, add bamboo shoots and green onions, bring to a boil again. Lift.

5. Serve with chili sauce.

Black Pepper Crab

Ingredients: 1 whole large crab

  Marinade: 1 tablespoon black pepper, crushed roughly 100 gr onion, cut into ½ teaspoon coarse salt 3 tablespoons soy sauce 2 empty leaf stalk, sliced ​​2 cm 3 lbr lime leaves, thinly sliced ​​3 pcs red chilies, sliced ​​2 cm

  Method: 1. Boil crabs, cleaned, crushed the japitnya. 2. Fry until cooked crab. 3. Heat oil and saute the onion, and leaves unhampered until fragrant. Enter the black pepper, soy sauce, red pepper. Enter the fried crab and soy sauce. Stir well. 4. Serve with a sprinkling of black pepper crab leaves thinly sliced ​​oranges.

  For 6 people

(From various sources)